Animation Representation: Ellen Mersereau​, Esq., 1-323-461-3316; email: 



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Animation Representation: Ellen Mersereau​, Esq., 1-323-461-3316; email:      



Assistant Professor

Laguna College of Art and Design


Kenny Scharf Studios

Storyboard Artist
Stoopid Buddy Studios, Robot Chicken Season 11

Senior Creative Artist
Warner Bros. Consumer Products, 2007-2019
Responsible for conceptual and production character artwork for all Warner Bros. film and TV properties, including Looney Tunes, Harry Potter, Justice League, and Hanna Barbera in consumer products, including toys, plush, animation, live action films and graphic design for trends and style guides, in which I have worked on a multitude of design styles and mediums.

Associate Producer

Funny Garbage, 2005
Minoriteam (Cartoon Network): animation, storyboard, illustration.

Character Designer, Visual Development, Storyboard

Warner Bros. Animation, 1997-2004
Kangaroo Jack: direct-to-video, storyboard.
Zatanna: producer, director.
Ozzy & Drix: Art director, character designer, rough storyboard.
Osmosis Jones: lead character designer for all main and incidental characters, prop design, story development.
Iron Giant: visual development.
Quest for Camelot: character designer, visual development.

Character Designer, Visual Development

Walt Disney Feature Animation, 1995-1997
Fraidy Cat (unreleased)
Fantasia 2000
Legend of Mulan
Emperor’s New Groove
Lion King

Character Designer

Walt Disney Animation, 1998
Three Musketeers: costume design, character development.
Little Mermaid II: character design.
Lion King II: Simba’s Pride: character design and character turnarounds.
Lady & the Tramp II: character design

Character Artist

Disney Consumer Products, 1997-1998                  
Product design, conceptual design and character art for trends and style guides, character design, icons, and storybook layout for the following features:
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Bug’s Life

Adjunct Professor
University of Southern California School of Animation

Laguna College of Art and Design
Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
California State University, Northridge
Otis College of Art and Design

​Emile Cohl Academy of Art

University of Arizona, B.S. Finance & Accounting
California Institute of the Arts, B.S. Animation

Academy of Art University, M.A. Visual Development


Adobe Creative Suite
Storyboard Pro
Live action storyboard
General knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Premiere